LEXAN® Resin Branding Program

The LEXAN Brand: the #1 recognized engineering thermoplastic…
a trademark and a trustmark.

Through decades of performance, LEXAN® resin has built a reputation for quality and is better known than the next polycarbonate brand by more than three times. It has also established a strong consumer preference – research shows that people are up to 50% more likely to buy products made of LEXAN resin – and for good reason!

Backed by the highest standards of performance, as well as consumer trust in the GE name, the LEXAN resin brand gains even more strength when it’s associated with the respected brand names of GE Plastics’ customers.

Manufacturers who use the advantages of LEXAN resin to add reliability and value to their products can help consumers identify this high quality connection by displaying the LEXAN® resin logo as a tag, sticker or label on the product, its packaging or display and advertising materials.