LEXAN resin is the world’s foremost engineering thermoplastic.

One of the toughest and most versatile polymers, its unique combination of features is used to add high quality and high performance to thousands of products.


The LEXAN brand is also a strong signal of quality that can help consumers recognize products that enhance the way we live, work and play.

Abrasion Resistance

High abrasion resistance polyurethane material is a class of elastic material with excellent properties such as abrasion resistance, oil resistance, tear resistance and corrosion resistance

Better Chemical Resistance

While easy to maintain, these lightweight, shatterproof products also provide excellent visibility, long-lasting appearance, wear resistance and chemical resistance.

UV Resistance

The unbreakable clear or milky white LEXAN polycarbonate sheet provides UV protection on one or both sides. Remains superior clarity even after years of intense light and extreme weather.

3D Molded

Some product grades can be molded into (moderate) three-dimensional shapes

Customizable Colors

Many Colors avaliable.


Crystal clear transparency and a variety of value-added properties

LEXAN is leading the world in materials, technology and customer support.

The polycarbonate hollow sheet product line includes a variety of different structures

Perfect balance

These products offer the perfect balance of light weight, high impact strength and stiffness.

light weight

The light weight makes the products cheaper to transport and easier and faster to install.

More features

In addition, it offers excellent thermal insulation, UV protection, flame retardancy and long-term permeability.
and long-term light transmission.

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Potential applications.

  • Commercial and stadium roof lighting
  • Greenhouses
  • Industrial roofs, skylights
  • Garages
  • Swimming pool roofs
  • Signage

Some Insights

Reducing costs by reducing energy consumption is one of the top priorities of modern building construction. Saudi Basic Industries’ highly insulating LEXAN™ polycarbonate sheet products use a variety of ways to improve energy efficiency. When insulation is an important consideration, LEXAN THERMOCLEAR™ panels with hollow construction offer a significant advantage. Hollow panels provide excellent insulation to prevent heat loss in the winter; and in the In the hot summer months, the use of special infrared-barrier hollow sheet products can significantly reduce heat build-up.

What peoples say about us

Whatever name it goes by, Lexan is a polycarbonate resin thermoplastic. It has a variety of applications and is notable for his superior impact resistance. Lexan is often used, like acrylic, in situations that call for more durable versions of “glass-like” surfaces.
Even compared to a similar product, acrylic, Lexan wins out based on its high strength. Lexan is actually 200 times stronger than untempered glass, while acrylic is only up to 8 times stronger. 
 Although acrylic is less costly, it is typically shinier than Lexan and has a higher chance of cracking. However, Lexan does scratch more easily than acrylic despite being more impact-resistant.