【SABIC SABIC-LEXAN 】Basic Description of LEXAN HLG5

【SABIC SABIC-LEXAN】Basic Description

Single-side hard coating Extremely high optical quality/very low distortion


【SABIC SABIC-LEXAN 】Applicable scope
1 Special glass lighting
2 police car glass
3 motorcycle windshield
4 anti-DAN laminated structure, laminated
5 equipment dashboard
6 train glass
7 protective lighting
8 sound barrier
9 sun shades and goggles
10 machine guards

Main advantages:
1 Abrasion resistance
2 UV aging resistance
3 Customizable colors
4 Better chemical resistance
5 Certain layers can be 3D molded
6 Anti-fogging rows (optional)

LEXAN MR5E product overview.

TSL currently offers a variety of SABIC LEXAN PC sheets, such as 9030\ EXELL-D(weathering)\F2000,F2500,FR60(fire retardant)\MARGARD(MRX,MR5E,ULG-5,HLG-A hardened sheet), etc. Various specifications are available in stock, welcome to contact us.

Product Description
Lexan*Margard HLG5 is a laminate grade transparent sheet with hardened coating on one side, which is laminated with glass mainly used in asymmetric lamination with glass to manufacture bulletproof security glass. It has excellent optical clarity and can be used for a certain level of terror protection. Please refer to the customer’s guide for surface cleaning. Please do not use rough sanitary ware and strong alkaline cleaning solution, forbid to use scraper, razor or other sharp tools to scrape. Do not clean the panels under hot sun or high temperature. We generally use kerosene, naphtha or petroleum solvents to remove paint, marks from markers, ink, lipstick, etc., as well as labels and stickers, etc. from the surface of the sheet. Then, wash with a cleaning solution made of mild soap and water and finally rinse well with cold water.

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