LEXAN® Resin’s Features and Benefits

LEXAN® Resin’s Features and Benefits

As the premier engineering thermoplastic, LEXAN® polycarbonate resin replaces the limitations of many traditional materials with its unmatched combination of high performance features.


One of the most distinctive attributes of LEXAN resin is its high impact strength. Few other engineering plastics can match its ability to stand up to hard knocks in very cold or very hot temperatures. Products made from LEXAN resin are usually shatter-resistant and virtually unbreakable. With the increased strength of LEXAN resin, many products can also be made with thinner walls to be lighter in weight.


The physical advantages of LEXAN resin begin with its strength and extend to its resistance to the elements of:

Heat (up to 212°F/100°C)
Cold (down to -40°F/-40°C)
Ultraviolet light
Flame (Underwriters Laboratories UL 94V-0 listed)


Many of the visual features of today’s outstanding product designs are made possible by LEXAN resin and Visualfx® resins from GE Plastics. From virtually unlimited colors and hues, dramatic surface textures, crystal-clear transparency or translucency to metal flake, speckle and light-diffused special effects – LEXAN resin helps add high style to high performance.

Optical Purity

The beauty of LEXAN resin is more than skin deep. Combining its high purity, exceptional clarity and consistent quality, LEXAN OQ resins are widely used to meet the highest standards in the CDs, DVDs and optical media that are revolutionizing the way we see and hear today’s music, video and information. Its optical features also help make stronger, yet thinner and lighter, eyewear lenses that help protect us at work and play.

Kitchen Safe

From the freezer to the microwave to your table, dinnerware, food storage containers, beverage bottles and housewares meet the requirements of the FDA and good taste – in styles and flavors. And, with LEXAN resin’s durability, food service products can survive nicely on the patio, at the campsite and in the dishwasher.

Electrical Compatibility

With its broad range of flame retardant grades, LEXAN resin is found in a variety of electrical products including household and personal care appliances, meter and fuse boxes, switches, plugs and sockets, and various components that pass Underwriters Laboratories testing to be part of an electrical product or system.