GE LEXAN is the symbol for LEXAN resin in GE General Electric, and LEXAN is a trademark of GE Plastics Group, which stands for PC polycarbonate resin. The trademark has been assigned to Sabic Innovative Plastics sabic lexan.


You may not know it by name, but some of the greatest innovations of the past 50 years have been based on it. From the first man on the moon to the laptop computer, GE LEXAN resin – a widely used material around the world – has played a major role in improving our lives. Here is a great review:

GE LEXAN resin has been involved in product innovation in virtually every industry. It has made our cars lighter and safer. It has made it possible to digitize music and video for the enjoyment of CDs and DVDs and it has led the design trends in the form of hundreds of products such as computers and cell phones. Lexan resin is also used in a variety of applications, including sports and boating equipment, construction materials, commercial and military aircraft, and outdoor signage.

GE LEXAN resin has long been a leader among polycarbonate products for its unparalleled impact resistance, excellent dimensional stability, and crystal clarity. It is an amorphous engineering thermoplastic material with excellent mechanical, optical, electrical and thermal properties. 2.7m wide lexan has been successfully installed in Wuxi,China, greatly improving the visual and leakage effect, contributing to Chinese machinery industry.

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